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New Junttan PM25Hi – Good ol´ Workhorse with Green Power


PM25H, old cornerstone of our piling rigs is now back with modern engine and updated capacity for all market areas. New updated PM25Hi –model offers the same old rugged reliability and incredible speed with new modern engine and more capacity than the old model. New Stage5 engine makes fuel economy of PM25Hi better and allows our customers to use it in all areas where older engine versions are now banned. Updated capacity gives our customers chance to drive even bigger piles and allows bigger hammer size than before. PM25H is naturally available also with Stage III engine.

For further information, please contact your local sales representative or

Ate Konkka, Director, Piling Rig Technologies, Junttan Oy
Mob. +358 50 578 1154
Email. ate.konkka [at] junttan.com

New Junttan PM25H with Cummins Stage V engine

The New Stage V Engine


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