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Maanrakennus Jari Knuuttila Oy pleased with JunttanCare+ agreement


At the end of last year, we launched a new light spare parts agreement model, JunttanCare+, to respond to those situations where the customer is not using Junttan’s service for the maintenance work.

The idea of the agreement is that we monitor the hours of the machine via a remote connection, and when the hour of maintenance approaches, we will send the spare parts kit directly to the customer’s workshop or job site free of charge shipping. The agreement period can be chosen as a minimum of 12 months and has no hourly limit, so we will send as many spare part kits as needed during the agreement period at the agreed price.

Remote support and annual audits

In addition, the JunttanCare+ agreement includes an annual audit of your equipment. As a result of the audit, Junttan provides the customer with an audit report on the machine’s condition. Based on the audit, it is easy to predict future repairs. If we find defects in the machine related to safety or need to be repaired, we will report them to the customer immediately after the audit.

The agreement price also includes remote connection and data traffic fees. It is good to remember that during the year 2023, Junttan remote connection will become chargeable, so this agreement will also take care of that. With the help of the agreement, the link to our remote technical support remains active. Many problems can be solved quickly through remote connection. At the same time, pile reporting and other Junttan Life online services will remain used as usual. We store all the materials related to the audit in the Junttan Life portal and the information on the JunttanCare+ packages. Hence, the machine has a comprehensive life cycle history available digitally.

Maanrakennus Jari Knuuttila Oy pleased with the JunttanCare+ agreement

In Finland, the first agreement was signed with Maanrakennus Jari Knuuttila Oy, and they have been extremely pleased. The agreement was made in December 2022, and since then, we have delivered two spare parts kits to them. We have also made the machine audit, which is valid for the next 12 months. During the Maanrakennus Jari Knuuttila’s audit, one point to be repaired was found in the machine, which was able to be repaired easily before significant damage occurred. Piling Manager Teemu Knuuttila praises, “This one finding saved one-year agreement price and a major downtime for the machine was avoided thanks to the professional Junttan audit included in the agreement.”

“Also, now we don’t have to worry about ordering or storing the filters and oils for maintenance, as they come automatically. This makes the maintenance procedures really carefree. The periodic audit was also quickly arranged, and the machine was inspected before leaving for a large project to Oulu, Finland. It’s a nice feeling to take the machine to a job site when it has just been inspected and has the audit sticker showing it.”, Teemu Knuuttila continues.

For more information, please contact:

Sami Vartiainen, Manager of Service Agreements & Audits
sami.vartiainen (at) junttan.com
+358 50 578 1036

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