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Junttan with Robinson Equipment in Hong Kong since 1987


Mr. Gordon Tsang, the founder of Robinson Equipment comments that Junttan piling equipment are a good choice due to the fast and powerful piling, long hammer life, reliable power packs and overall efficiency. These key benefits are the reasons why Mr. Tsang has had Junttan equipment available for the Hong Kong customers since the year 1987. He works closely with Jyri Niskanen and Mika Junkkila from Junttan. Mr. Tsang’s son, Jackin Tsang is in active role in the business and a good example of growing new generation thinking the unique Hong Kong construction markets.

Junttan Hammer in Hong Kong, September 2016

Junttan Hammer in Hong Kong, September 2016

Mr. Tsang proudly explain how the first hydraulic hammers tests were done already in 1988 in Hong Kong. Junttan was participating at these tests and was proven to be efficient. The first Junttan hydraulic hammer (nine ton) were sold to Hong Kong in 1990. Mr. Tsang reminds that Junttan’s competitors win deals in the HK markets for two reasons: their hammers are cheaper and the delivery time is shorter. Mr. Gordon Tsang note that the competition in the piling equipment market is increasing. Both Chinese and Korean provides are introducing new equipment to Hong Kong construction markets.

In spite of some rough times in the Hong Kong construction industry e.g. during the year 2003 mark, Robinson Equipment has been able to keep up with the fluctuation in the market. Hong Kong government has invested in building projects, which account for two thirds of all construction work done in the country. The rest is funded by private investments. In the year 2015 alone, over 25.000 household units were built in Hong Kong and the demand for such housing is not dimming. The average number of 25 square meter units to be built each year is 30.000. Other noteworthy projects are the third airport runway project and the high speed railway planned to be completed by 2023.

Robinsson Equipment with its Hong Kong construction market experience in combination with Junttan’s advanced piling equipment continues to offer best solutions for the Hong Kong customers.

Read more about Robinsson Equipment: http://www.robinsonequipment.com/

Want to know more? Please contact Asia Area Manager, Services Mika Junkkila, email: mika.junkkila@junttan.com or Asia Area Manager, Sales Jyri Niskanen, email: jyri.niskanen@junttan.com.

Sources: Hong Kong Airport: https://www.hongkongairport.com/eng/media/press-releases/pr_1033.html

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