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Junttan Rolls Out Three High-End Additions to its X-Series Pile Driving Rig Family


Junttan Oy is launching three big brothers in its modern X-Series pile driving rig family in addition to the smaller range PMx20, PMx22, PMx24 and PMx25 rigs launched a few years ago. The new models, carrying the nickname J-reX, are the PMx26, PMx27 and PMx28, have maximum leader capacities of 20, 23 and 25 metric tons and maximum pile lengths of 24, 25 and 28 meters respectively. This makes the PMx28 the biggest and strongest complete, purpose-built pile driving machine ever built, with a full-scaled telescopic leader and other well-known Junttan features.

The whole basic structure and component layout of the PMx26-28 series has been redeveloped according to Junttan’s 35 years of experience in the field, which means effortless operation and maintenance, and uncompromising safety, stability, transportability and structural strength. The hydraulic system has also been completely overhauled and Junttan’s innovative X-control system for the PMx26-28 series has been further developed for the most convenient and productive operation and low fuel consumption. The PMx26-28 series utilizes the latest engine technology to conform to the toughest international emission legislation. Its premiere will be held at Conexpo 2014, Las Vegas.


It’s green!

Improving operator efficiency and safety as well as minimizing energy losses within the system have been the key design goals for the PMx26-28 series. Deep system integration results in reduced emissions, improved performance and improved fuel economy without compromising machine performance, allowing for seamless operation. There are several developments that dramatically minimize fuel consumption and the operator’s role in it. A thermostatically-controlled engine and hydraulic oil coolers with an optimized air circulation system, together with a streamlined main hydraulic oil circuit with extended hose diameters, decrease fuel consumption by up to 2 liters per hour compared to previous models. The new post- compensated and load sensing hydraulic system saves another liter per hour compared to traditional hydraulic systems, and the unique PileCruise feature eliminates human factors from the total system efficiency, decreasing the power consumption of the hammer by up to 20%, depending on the operator. Tier 4 certified Cummins engines are also available to further decrease emissions.


Added value for equipment ownership

Junttan recognizes that a successful pile driving process results in various economic and ecological benefits over other piling methods, each of which can only be accomplished by paying close attention to every step of the process. Close co-operation with professionals in the global pile driving industry enables Junttan to provide the most profitable solutions to make the ownership of a Junttan rig a success. Thanks to the new technologies utilized, the PMx26-28 series further strengthens Junttan’s position as the provider of the best performing equipment: comprehensive online services for managing all pile driving and equipment related data, various new innovations for easy maintenance, together with the well-known high resale value of Junttan equipment, makes the ownership of the new PMx26-28 series risk-free and convenient.

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