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Junttan invests in electric powertrain integration company Hevtec


In 2021 Junttan launched the world’s first electric pile driving rig PMx2e. The rig’s electrification was done in cooperation with Hevtec Oy, a Finnish engineering design company specialized in electric powertrain integration.
To continue and deepen its electrification know-how and cooperation with Hevtec, Junttan has acquired 19.6% of Hevtec’s share capital in recent business arrangements and has now one seat at their board.

“Through the investment, Junttan gains valuable in-depth expertise from the field and good contacts with important stakeholders. Our mutual electronic and software base with Hevtec ensures the continuation of seamless cooperation and works as an enabler of success for Junttan’s next generation equipment.”
-Roni Ryyppö, CTO Junttan Oy

As a company, Hevtec combines extensive expertise of over 15 years in electric and hybrid powertrain integration with a fresh eye for the complete system design. Hevtec has a hunger for creating disruptive solutions that upgrade mobile electric machinery and vehicles to the fore of competition.
Hevtec was founded in 2017 to fill in a void in the market. Components for electric drivetrains are widely available but selecting the most suitable ones and integrating them together is usually left on the shoulders of the customer. Hevtec provides a reliable fast-forward path to electrification ensuring customer success.

“Junttan’s involvement supports Hevtec’s growth strategy. Our companies’ operating models and values met, and especially the export of Finnish top-notch know-how abroad is at the center of both companies’ operations. The close cooperation with Junttan also supports the technological development of Hevtec’s intelligent electric power line control systems.”
-Ville Eskelinen, Co-Founder & CEO Hevtec Oy

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