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Emission-reducing solution for older Junttan piling machines


There continues to be an increasing focus on the pollution emissions caused by construction site activity. Now, the key questions and concerns that all construction industry branches focus on are how to limit harmful emissions. Thankfully, technological development is leading to new and more sophisticated solutions to develop new materials, and innovations to reduce emissions and optimize our operations to work more sustainably. The exhaust after-treatment solution kit is designed to reduce such exhaust emissions and includes measures to mandate the use of lower polluting construction site piling machinery.

  • The process of converting harmful pollution into harmless gases through combination of catalyst and filter technology, and active emission control.
  • Up to 95% NOx reduction and over 99% particulate matter (PM), hydrocarbon (HC) and carbon monoxide (MO) emissions reduction.
  • The exhaust after-treatment solution kit is a complete solution to modify existing Stage3/Tier3 and higher engines to achieve Stage5/Tier5 equivalent emission standards.

If you are interested contact your nearest Junttan representative for more information or send an email to: service@junttan.com.


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