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Linde-Griffith Installing Tube Piles Using Junttan PM23LC in New Jersey


New Jersey based Linde-Griffith Construction Company, which specializes in deep foundations and marine construction, are installing taper tube piles in Bergen County, NJ, USA.  For the job they are using one of their most versatile Junttan pile driver, the long reaching PM23LC.

PM23LC is a special piling rig designed for job sites where a long leader reach is needed. The rig has an average working weight around 65 000kg. It is an ideal rig for e.g. bridge, port, and railroad worksites. The rig can be used for driving up to 20 m timber, concrete, and different types of steel piles (tube, H-beams, sheet piles). The long reach of the leader enables handling piles fast and easily, thus ensuring high productivity.

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