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Seamless Piling Teamwork and Digitalization


The pile driver Mikko Ojala of Pirkan Rakentajapalvelu Oy has been piling for thirteen years. This experience shows in his skills comprising of accuracy, speed and organized piling style. Together with Eetu Paajala, the banks man they form a hands-on expert team. Junttan PMx22 operates as a humble servant of them; Mikko operating the rig and Eetu making sure that the pile winch rope is pulled to the right piles and in the best order.

Digitalization is in the heart of today’s piling. Mikko Ojala comments that the Trimble digital pile plan / pile positioning system (www.trimble.com) offers remarkable accuracy and speed for the piling jobs. Increasing of piling efficiency and daily production results in noteworthy cost and time savings. Now the contractor can draw immediately data of completed work and diminish the time between finnished jobs and invoicing. The ground building stage of construction projects move forward faster than before. This contributes to the over-all project profitability. It is a win-win situation for all, including the investor. Pile positioning and digital pile documentation with the world’s best piling rig with professional and expierienced crew enable efficiency for the business, comments Mr. Kari Pöllänen, Junttan Sales Manager.

If you want to know more about Junttan rigs and digital pile planning system, contact Kari Pöllänen, kari.pollanen(a)junttan.com.

Eetu Paajala, Pirkan Rakentajapalvelu Oy working in the Skanska Tuisku project in Tampere, Finland.

Mikko Ojala, Pirkan Rakentajapalvelu Oy driving Junttan PMx22 with the Trimble pile plan and pile controlling system.

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