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North Bulkhead and Jetty Repairs project, USA

Agate Construction Co., Inc. is pioneering the use of the Junttan VH50VM variable moment vibratory hammer, marking the first-ever deployment of a Junttan vibratory hammer in the United States in the North Bulkhead and Jetty Repairs project in the Indian River Inlet, Sussex County, Delaware.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awarded the project contract to Agate Construction of Egg Harbor Township, N.J., for $5.3 million. The North Bulkhead & South Jetty Repairs project is crucial for ensuring the safety and resilience of the existing infrastructure.

The primary goal is to repair a failed section of bulkhead/revetment along the interior north shoreline at Indian River Inlet. A deep scour hole caused by swift tidal currents within the inlet has undermined the slope of the “stabilized” shoreline and landward infrastructure. This is achieved by installing steel sheet piling and additional riprap placement in the inlet, which will generate additional resiliency for the bulkhead. Additionally, the project involves sand-tightening a 215-foot section of the south jetty. This will be addressed through the installation of a post and panel wall to reduce the amount of sand migrating into the inlet.

One of the challenges faced during this project was the presence of an existing rock layer, which necessitated the use of robust and reliable piling equipment. Agate Construction was entrusted with this essential task, bringing their expertise and the innovative Junttan VH50VM variable moment vibratory hammer to the forefront. This advanced equipment is essential for driving steel sheet piles efficiently and with minimal environmental impact.

Jeff Myers, Director of Business Development at Agate Construction, expressed their satisfaction with the choice of Junttan equipment: “We’ve always been impressed with Junttan equipment, especially their HHK 5/7/9SL hydraulic impact hammers. When we needed to drive steel sheet piles in an environmentally sensitive area, Junttan’s new VH50VM variable moment vibratory hammer was the right solution. We were pleased to be the first in the United States to use it. The VH50VM’s resonance-free start and stop significantly reduced vibration and noise compared to conventional hammers. The equipment quality and Junttan’s exceptional support were exactly what we expected.”

For more information on the overall project, visit: Indian River Inlet
For further information about Agate Construction Co., Inc, visit their website at: Heavy Civil & Marine Construction – Agate Construction


Project Facts

Project type:

Sussex County, Delaware, USA

Main Client:
US Army Corps of Engineers

Piling Contractor:
Agate Construction Co., Inc.

(66 Pair) PZC-26, 50’ long

Junttan VH50VM

Date on Site:
Started in June, 2024

"When we needed to drive steel sheet piles in an environmentally sensitive area, Junttan's new VH50VM variable moment vibratory hammer was the right solution."

Jeff Myers, Director of Business Development, Agate Construction Co., Inc.

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