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Increase your profitability

Reducing fixed costs and lowering the risk level of your construction business can be key factors for your success. For us, at Junttan our main goal is, that our customers succeed in whatever project they are working on. To increase your profitability and to help your company grow, we have launched a new way of using Junttan products: Junttan Rental & Leasing.

Rental offers a lighter and greener way to acquire a Junttan. Depending on the customer’s situation and project portfolio, sometimes it may be more cost-efficient to rent Junttan equipment. It helps companies reduce their fixed costs and staff costs and minimizes the financial risks of owning large equipment fleets.

At the moment, our Rental & Leasing solutions are available in almost all of our market areas. Rentals and leasing are not new in the construction equipment industry, but in more specialized foundation equipment, renting is not as common as in general construction equipment.

We also offer to our Rental & Leasing customers a wide variety of helpful services. These services include insurances, maintenance and repair, spare parts and consumables, training, commissioning and de-commissioning packages, Junttan Life, PDA measurements, and logistics.


Junttan Rental & Leasing offers a wide range of Junttan products

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The benefits of Junttan rentals

  • No fixed costs, just pay for the time you need the equipment.
  • Always safe, efficient, and modern equipment.
  • Save time and money, we will take care of insurances, logistics, and all other additional services that you need.
  • Renting is green. It lessens harmful emissions, reduces the quantity of equipment needed, and is more energy-efficient than owning a piece of equipment.
  • By renting equipment, you avoid the excessive investment burden and maintenance costs, both of which increase the overall cost of your project.


The benefits of Junttan leasing

If you want to buy a Junttan product, but do not want to invest any capital at once. Junttan Rental can also offer you leasing services, that help you to cut your need for CAPEX.

  • No capital expenditure
  • Always modern equipment
  • Maintenance costs can be included in the leasing agreement
  • A lighter balance sheet

To succeed in your projects, please contact:

Your local Junttan sales or

Mika Huhmo, Service Manager, Junttan Oy
+358 50 578 1040
mika.huhmo [at] junttan.com
rental [at] junttan.com


Michiel van Es, vP Sales & Operations, Junttan B.V.
+31 6 5769 8002
michiel.vanes [at] junttan.com

Junttan Pty Ltd (APAC)

Arteen Mosad, National Manager, Junttan Pty Ltd
+61 423 319 411
arteen.mosad [at] junttan.com

Junttan USA

Miika Eskelinen, GM, Junttan USA, Inc.
+358 50 554 0211 (FI cell)
+1 302 362 2126  (US cell)
miika. eskelinen [at] junttan.com

Tim Dutton, VP Sales & Operations, Junttan USA, Inc.
+1 (302) 515-4454
tim.dutton [at] junttan.com


Junttan rental pile driving rig on transport.



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