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Genuine Junttan filters – now with even more competitive pricing


Genuine Junttan filters are always the best match for Junttan equipment – now with even more competitive pricing. To guarantee the easiest and fastest way to get a full engine and hydraulic filter service package, is to order it from Junttan. In many cases and countries filters can be found from Junttan local stock with fast and cost-efficient delivery.  Also, when ordering genuine Junttan filters you make sure that filters are OEM quality and 100% compatible to your equipment and will keep warranties running.

Furthermore, engine filters’ prices have been decreased average of 35%, some products have even had over 50% price change due to increased demand for filters, bigger order sizes and more efficient supply chain.

Ask an offer for your Junttan equipment to see the difference. Junttan professionals are happy to help:
parts (at) junttan.com or Junttan Service Desk.


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