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Marine Terminal Development, San Francisco

Power Engineering Construction Co. was selected to install two concrete pile cap structures – a breasting dolphin and a breasting point – both equipped with fender systems at a marine oil terminal in the San Francisco Bay Area. The support for these structures comprised a combined total of 25 square precast concrete piles 2’x2’ (61×61 cm) in size. This initiative aims to expand the terminal’s berth capacity, enabling the berth to accommodate more ships of varying sizes.

The breasting dolphin structure comprised four plumb piles and 13 batter piles, each with unique orientations and tip elevations, requiring individualized plans for each scenario. Positioned between two existing structures, a meticulous layout for the future dolphin piles was essential to prevent conflicts with the existing structure’s piles approximately 100 feet (30 m) below the waterline. In addition, to ensure the prevention of concrete pile breakage or failure during pile driving, a lightweight hammer and leader system were deemed necessary.

Scott Williams, Project Manager at Power Engineering Construction Co., expresses satisfaction with the decision to choose Junttan Flying Leader and HHK5/7/9SL Hydraulic Impact Hammer: “We opted to use Junttan not only due to our past success using their hydraulic hammer but also for the exceptional collaboration experience with their team. In executing this project, we had to factor in multiple elements (pile lengths, tip elevations, orientations, current site conditions) while driving the concrete batter piles, and we trusted Junttan would provide us with the proper equipment solution that was both efficient and effective for our driving needs.”

The successful collaboration between Power Engineering Construction Co. and Junttan not only overcame the complexities of the project but also showcased the power of teamwork, expertise, and reliable equipment in the field of construction.

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Project Facts

Project type:

San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA

Main Client:

Piling Contractor:
Power Engineering Construction Co.

Pile types and quantity:
25 pcs 2’x2’ (61×61 cm) square precast concrete piles (vertical & batter)
Lengths varied from 128’-148’ (39-45 m)

Junttan Flying Leader and HHK5/7/9SL Hydraulic Hammer

Date on Site:
September through November 2023

"We opted to use Junttan not only due to our past success using their hydraulic hammer but also for the exceptional collaboration experience with their team."

Scott Williams, Project Manager, Power Engineering Construction Co.

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