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Leader packages

Junttan Leader packages

Junttan’s new vertical travel lead Leader packages can be integrated to any brand crawler crane. The new Junttan LP25 and LP32 leader package kit consists of a vertical travel lead, hydraulic spotter system, cathead, Junttan controls, and a Junttan hydraulic hammer. The maximum pile length with the Junttan LP25 with a Junttan 9-ton hammer is maximum 25 m (82 ft) and with the Junttan LP32 it is 32 m (105 ft). The bigger LP32 package is designed to be used with up to a 14-ton Junttan hydraulic hammer.

Depending on the crawler crane, the Junttan hydraulic hammer can be powered either with the crane’s own hydraulics or with a Junttan Power pack. If needed, the power pack can be mounted on a support frame in the rear of the crawler crane.

The Junttan Leader package offers optimal reach and driving also for battered piles. It enables a 15-degree forward inclination and a 15-degree backward inclination as well as a 9-degree lateral inclination. The Junttan long-reach leader design enables piling to be carried out as far as 10 m (30 ft) away from the crane’s crawlers. Operating is easy with the Junttan controls for the leader and the hydraulic hammer.

Junttan Leader package LP25
  • Max hammer size up to 9 ton
  • Max pile length 25 m
  • Junttan cathead
  • Junttan control system
  • Vertical travel lead system
Junttan Leader package LP 32
  • Max hammer size up to 14 ton
  • Max pile length 32 m
  • Junttan cathead
  • Junttan control system
  • Vertical travel lead system

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