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Q: Why has Junttan selected pile driving as the piling application it puts the most focus on?
A: Pile driving suits the widest variety of soil and conditions, thus making it perhaps the most versatile application overall. Furthermore, it is the fastest and most efficient way of piling – we believe that the ability to provide the most added value to our customers is essential, and efficiency certainly plays a vital role in it. Also, pile driving can be considered the most environmentally friendly piling application – an issue that is becoming ever more important from everyone’s perspective.
Q: What makes Junttan equipment so popular and even famous? It seems they are known in every corner of the world.
A: Junttan has managed to take its customers further by providing advantages others are not able to meet. Our hydraulic hammers, for example, provide remarkably better environmental friendliness than conventional diesel hammers. And compared to other manufacturers’ hydraulic hammers, the efficiency and noise level are in a class of their own. Add the exact control of the blow rate, height, and energy as well as the high serviceability, and there is every reason to state that when you talk about Junttan, you talk about the true quality brand of hydraulic hammers.
Q: What kind of drilling applications are Junttan rigs able to perform?
A: Junttan multipurpose piling rigs can be equipped to perform all common pile drilling applications, such as CFA, displacement, and Kelly. Although these heavy-duty rigs do not compromise in high performance drilling, they can always be turned back to full-blooded Junttan pile driving rigs, with unsurpassed pile driving efficiency.
Q: What kind of companies use Junttan equipment?
A: Junttan products are being used on every continent, in more than 45 countries, by big multinational construction companies as well as smaller contractors that specialise in piling.
Q: How is your service network set up?
A: Junttan’s global distribution network consists of local collaborative partners that are responsible for sales and service activities in their particular area of operations. Wherever our customers are located or wherever they operate, assistance is always close by when needed.
Q: What kind of parts and components are used in the manufacturing of Junttan equipment?
A: All Junttan equipment is assembled by our professionals in our factory in Finland. Major mechanical parts are manufactured in our own workshop. All hydraulic and electric components are carefully selected and tested by our engineering department, and only the most reliable and highest quality components are approved to be used in Junttan products.

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