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iPiler is a system for optimization of pile driving processes and data management. Completely designed and developed by Junttan, it considerably improves the operability of our machinery, making the process faster, safer and more efficient than ever before.


iPiler – increasing our lead in piling technology

The sophisticated piling management software enables various phases of the piling preparations to be completed already at the office. Clear instructions can be sent to the pile driver, and while the measuring system is able to closely monitor the actual piling process, the driver has better opportunities to concentrate on the work at hand. Furthermore, as the control device – among other features – counts the strokes and measures the penetration, making the crucial final blows now takes place in a safer and faster manner.

Based on the gathered pile driving data, the contractor is able to analyse the work done at the piling site and optimise upcoming jobs. The data also verifies the fact that the job was performed according to the order.

  • See more about the revolutionary opportunities of iPiler: www.ipiler.com

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