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Quick and safe solution to ensure your foundations integrity

Junttan’s PIT is perfomed with a lightweight handheld hammer and an accelerometer.

The accelerometer is being placed on top of the pile and the pile head is hit with the handheld hammer. The wave traveling pile the pile is recorded, analyzed by the accelerometer. The data is sent to a smart device where it is visualized and can then be analyzed by our team.

Junttan is offering the PIT service remotely as well as on-site.


Quick and cheap

Reliable results

Remotely and on-site

How to conduct a remote PIT test:

  • Identify the correct pile to be measured
  • Ensure the pile head is clean from dirt or concrete pieces.
  • Set the sensor on top of the pile head.
  • Turn on the software provided by us and connect the it to the sensor.
  • Gather a set of impact samples.
  • Save the data.
  • Repeat at the next pile.
  • Send us the project data
  • Our report will reach you in latest 24h.

We offer different rental models suitable for every situation. Our equipment can be rented monthly or weekly, offering a versatile solution for your need. The equipment will be send our within 24 hours after the request.

Contact us to find out more about our service and how to get started.

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