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Junttan HHK16S and HHK20S in action at an offshore project in Indonesia

Wonderful shots of Junttan HHK16S and HHK20S hydraulic hammers on a jobsite in Sisi Nubi, East Balikpapan, Indonesia where PT....

11.5.2021 News


Long-reaching Junttan PM23LC at a bridge project in Sweden

Long-reaching Junttan PM23LC piling rig in its element at the Hisingsbron bridge project in Gothenburg, Sweden. Skanska Grundläggning was piling...

10.5.2021 News


Junttan PMx22 piling rig in action in the Netherlands

Beautiful pictures of Heibedrijf Van Dam working on two different jobsites at the end of last year. In the first...

7.5.2021 News


Junttan PM16 pile driver’s first piles in Canada

PRECO-MSE driving piles for the first time with their new Junttan PM16 pile driver in Roxton Falls, Eastern Canada. The...

5.5.2021 News


Junttan PM23LC pile driving rig — remote check and shipment to Sweden

Junttan Factory started the May Day weekend with a bright blue Junttan PM23LC piling rig shipment towards Sweden for Pålab this...

30.4.2021 News


Junttan piling rig at a bridge project in Tamban, Australia

Civil Sydney using one of their Junttan rigs to drive 1050dia permanently cased piles ranging in depth from 12 to...

26.4.2021 News


Junttan pile driver piling at Kew Gardens Interchange in NY, United States

Amazing drone footage of Soil Solutions, Inc. working in the sunshine at Kew Gardens Interchange in Queens, NY, United States. They drove...

21.4.2021 News


Junttan PMx28 in Northern Alberta, Canada

Ledcor Foundations, installing and removing both pipe piles and sheet piles in Northern Alberta, Canada using Junttan PMx28 pile driving rig...

20.4.2021 News

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