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Working closely with piling contractors, Junttan actively develops new products and services, taking the entire industry forward. Combining innovative approach with uncontested determination, we have put together a fleet of pile driving rigs and hydraulic hammers that have lifted the modern piling opportunities to new heights.

Our mission is to help our customers to do their work better. With the best piling equipment, comprehensive service, and thorough training, our customers can fully rely on getting the most out of their Junttan rigs. We aim to be the most customer-oriented piling equipment manufacturer in the world, as well as the most desired partner to our customers and interest groups. That vision is put to test every day, on every construction site where Junttan equipment is in use.

Aiming higher

  • More productivity
  • Less consumption & fewer emissions
  • Reliable in extreme conditions
  • More safety, less noise
  • Full service & support

Optimised productivity

Every Junttan product is manufactured according to the same uncompromised quality standards and requirements. Junttan Life services and original spare parts are available throughout the lifetime of your Junttan Equipment to ensure maximum productivity and uptime for your investment.

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