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We are there for you to support your daily business. We ensure your profitability and safety by keeping your piling equipment and personnel up and running efficiently. You can trust on getting fast and local support from our network wherever you are. Whatever your piling needs are, Junttan will exceed your expectations. Uncontested ease of transport, excellent stability, quick and safe pile handling, precise inclinations and top piling performance are achieved through the outstanding product and service quality. Junttan rigs and equipment are respected throughout the world for quality, reliability and performance.

Owning Junttan is effortless and profitable.


The Junttan crew network is close to every construction site, offering reliable and professional technical support, repair and maintenance services.


Original Junttan parts

For the best possible operational safety and reliability, make sure you use only original Junttan spare parts. Always trust the original! Only original Junttan spare parts ensures operational safety and reliability.



Junttan’s versatile training services ensure that you and your employees stay on top of things – as well as competent to make the most of your machinery. Junttan training makes possible high productivity and safe operations possible from the very first pile.


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