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The mission of Junttan is to deliver the most reliable piling and service solutions, which ensure competitiveness for our customers.


The Junttan vision is to be the most successful piling equipment manufacturer and the most desired partner in the world.  Our success is based on the world’s best product range and readiness to do more than our best for our customers.

Our core values

    • Customer satisfaction; customer orientation, listening to customers’ needs, excellent products, services, and operations (competitive pricing, good quality/price ratio, highly functional solutions for customers’ needs), fast reaction times to customers’ needs
    • Responsibility; reliability, honesty, taking responsibility, keeping our promises
    • The ability for renewal; continuous improvement and development of activities, continuous development of product and service solutions, ensuring personnel competence
    • Respect for the environment; respecting the environment in business and in the development of product and service solutions, appreciating locality and social responsibility, desire to develop local well-being (centralising production, subcontractor network, educational cooperation), and appreciating the diversity of customers and colleagues
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