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Sustainable reliability even for the toughest situations

Junttan’s operations are guided by carefully designed processes that are systematically reviewed and revised. To further improve our performance, we carry out strict quality inspections. Junttan’s operations are based on an environmental licence issued by government officials. This requires, among other things, systematic measurements of environmental effects such as noise and ground vibration. We also continuously monitor our waste generation and develop new ways to recycle and reuse waste in a sustainable way.

Safe to manufacture, own, and operate

In manufacturing Junttan equipment, we make sure that every detail is tuned to perfection. Using advanced processes to create advanced piling solutions, there is simply no room for mistakes.

During the manufacturing process, we carry out various inspection methods to ensure the rig is able to perform flawlessly even in the most demanding conditions. Stability calculation and rigidity testing are examples of these methods. We want to ensure safe operations with minimal human presence close to the actual piling.

The quality of the rig is monitored throughout the manufacturing process, and close attention is paid to safety and reliability while choosing the components. Every Junttan subcontractor is being continuously monitored and regularly audited to ensure the highest possible quality, keeping our customer in mind. As a result, Junttan rigs are able to meet the latest standards and directives of modern machine manufacturing including the piling machinery standard EN16228.

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