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Deep Foundation Analysis

Your global deep foundation analysis partner

Junttan is continuing with their strategy to evolve from a mere equipment manufacturer to become a global service partner. With the new services in deep foundation analysis Junttan is striving to become a one-stop service partner who is available throughout every step of their customer’s projects.

To help our customers with increasing their operational efficiency we offer the following services:

  • GRLWEAP analysis, to help you predict the results and driving times
  • Dynamic Load Test (PDA), to ensure the bearing capacity and pile integrity
  • CAPWAP analysis, to give even more detailed information about the bearing capacities
  • Pile integrity testing, a fast and simple way to ensure the integrity of the piles
  • Static Load Test


Support for winning and preparing for projects

Junttan’s GRLWEAP analysis provides you with a competitive advantage when bidding for a project. Based on the soil report, Junttan creates a detailed analysis of the expected driving times and capacities.


  • done before project planning and bidding begins
  • providing clear results for production and drive times
  • helping with being successful when choosing the right equipment, pile lengths and driving times
  • providing piece of mind, knowing Junttan prepared the GRLWEAP




“Junttan speaks the same language as any geotechnical expert”

– Project Supervisor, Jarno Kalajanniska, Niskasen Maansiirto Oy


  • A long-time Junttan customers, Niskasen Maansiirto Oy is one of the premier Finnish contractors and pursues quality in all activities
  • Niskasen Maansiirto has relied on our team’s expertise for dynamic testing and consulting for nearly two decades
  • Significant savings are often achieved when planned final blow terms are optimized based on early PDA testing results
  • Junttan’s unique value-add is rooted in interpreting and presenting recommendations based on PDA results




High-quality piling includes dynamic testing

Junttan’s dynamic load testing is offering a fast and easy solution for your deep foundation work. No matter if remote or local testing, Junttan will provide you with the necessary expertise and support.

Since 2019 Junttan has been tackling the innovation vacuum in dynamic load testing. Our main assets are next-generation remote technologies, a strong team and a drive to move forward. Already during the development phase of our proprietary solution we’ve been able to successfully serve a significant number of European customers.

To further drive affordability and flexibility, during the summer months of 2021, see the launch of our 2nd generation solution. Soon available for a wider audience, Junttan Remote Dynamic Testing combines our patent-pending software and hardware with industry-proven devices from Pile Dynamics, Inc.

Our vision is radical ease-of-use and affordability driving a broader adoption of dynamic load testing.


Getting things right when offering dynamic testing

  • Equipment – A successful dynamic test starts with the right piling equipment
  • Pile – Choosing the right piles for testing is crucial for success
  • Soil – Soil conditions dramatically affect how the tests should be planned and conducted
  • Results – Analyzing the produced results can be very insightful when done right

Offering world-class dynamic testing services

How to get started

Junttan believes that easy contact and fast response are crucial for a successful partnership. Whenever the need for one of our services emerges you can reach out directly to our deep foundation analysis team or talk to your trusted Junttan contact person.

WEAP analysis

  • Reach out as early as possible
  • Provide us with project details
  • Analysis done based on soil condition data
  • One-to-two day delivery time of ready report

Dynamic testing

  • Reach out at any time during project
  • Agree on how service in conducted – remotely or locally
  • Agreement on schedule
  • Providing needed equipment and hardware
  • One-to-two day delivery time of ready report


To succeed with your project, please contact:

Teemu Riihimäki
Leading Specialist, Geotechnics and Piling Technologies


Sami Kirsilä
Specialist, Piling Measurement Services
sami.kirsila [at] junttan.com

Amine Bourahli
Product Development Manager, Deep foundation analysis
amine.bourahli [at] junttan.com


Nico Cuvelier
Specialist, Piling Measurement Services
nico.cuvelier [at] junttan.com
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